Contract manufacturing

individual switching cabinet designed and build by EASYS Electronics EASYS Electronics meets your individual requirements by building switching cabinets. Our support includes design, schematic generation and production.

Power distribution cabinets

power distribution cabinets with copper power bars by EASYS Electronics We can provide all standard configurations of water-cooled motor control cabinets and power distribution cabinets composed of copper power bars or laminated busbars.

Control cabinets

. control cabinet by EASYS Electronics EASYS Electronics manufactures low voltage switchboards, control consoles and control cabinets of the highest quality. Our standard service includes digital signal wiring and shielded analog signal lines.

Cable assembly

. individal assembled cable and harness by EASYS Electronics Our services include assembly of cables, cable sets and wire harnesses in differing complexity- ranging from simple crimped or soldered cables to complex cable harnesses.

Network distributor & Server

server_menu All network cabinets by EASYS Electronics provide optimum accessibility and allow easy expansion. We pay attention to high quality installation and wiring of patch panels, cable management rails, switches, hubs and routers.