The enterprise has been founded 1999 in Villach/Austria by Mr. Heimo Wallisch. The main focus of action was laid on production of sub-supplier parts and switching cabinets for the semiconductor industry. Since 2005 the production has been expanded and a second venture in Trencin/Slovakia has been established. Production initially started with 15 employees on a plain of 750m2, again implementing projects for the semiconductor but  also the wind energy sector.

Meanwhile Easys is operating under Austrian leadership with 120 production employees on a floor area of 4000m2, the mix of supplied trades and industries has been expanded with stage-, lighting-, wind power technology and equipment for photovoltaics.

The scope of the Integrated Management System (QMS and EMS) at company EASYS k.s. is the production of electrical cabinets, manufacturing of cable harnesses/sets  and assembling of special machinery for various applications.