IMS Policy

We place our commitment at our customers’ service and that’s what makes us a competent partner for our customers. We feel responsible for the quality, reliability, safety of our products and safety of environment. In cooperation with the process owners, our management specifies a binding policy and targets of integrated management system and the management system to implement them. To meet the declared companies commitments of quality assurance company EASYS implements these actions to reach the expectations of our customers. Customer satisfaction and loyalty are considered by us as a basis for the successful development of our business. Our integrated management system and our employees enable us to fulfill our customers exacting requirements. We support an atmosphere of open communication. With key process controlling and monitoring we ensure that our service keeps high quality solidly which is expected by our customers. We concentrate our effort in our product quality and also in market analyses so we can produce cost-effective and we are untroubled from customer satisfaction losing. We search actively the opportunities for improvements, we are flexible and fast using them. It is through our commitment to quality and continues improvement that we earn those profits that ensure the future of our company and our employees jobs.

Company EASYS takes commitment to satisfy applicable requirements.

In compliance with company Environmental principles we also commit:

  • Comply with all environmental legislation, regulations and other commitments
  • Continual improve Environmental management system and reduce waste generation and eliminating air emissions in the production process
  • Communicate in an appropriate manner and influence environmental behavior of supliers
  • Communicate in an appropriate manner and influence environmental behavior of employyes

Our actions are characterized by the central values of trust, honesty, transparency, loyalty, decency and responsibility. All our activities are aimed at sustainability, which we achieve by proceeding in a disciplined and systematic way, as well as at the consistent pursuit of and continuous involvement and commitment to our goals. These goals are valued for us in our organization as well as to our customers and suppliers.

IMS Policy


Certificate ISO 9001

Certificate ISO 14001