Low-voltage distribution & Control cabinets

EASYS Electronics manufactures low voltage switchboards, control consoles and control cabinets of the highest quality. We handle all conventional components by the companies ABB, B&R, EATON, Lenze, Phoenix, Rittal, Siemens, Schrack, Weidmüller and Wago. We have many years of experience with all common industrial programmable logic controllers (PLC) and control units by these manufacturers, both in the wiring as well as with the associated interfaces to test it properly. Digital signal wiring and carefully installed shielded analog signal lines are part of our standard service.

Design documentation

In order to guarantee “Copy exact” we create an additional internal design documentation for each new product that leaves our facility.


  • IEC EN 61439-1
  • IEC EN 60204-1
  • ISO 9001 quality management requirements
  • ISO 14001 environmental management requirements


  • Custom color codes
  • Creation of torque tables for the entire assembly
  • Use of CE or UL certified parts only
  • Machine printed labelling of all cables and wires with shrinkable tubing or markers

Solutions for special environments like:

  • On- and offshore windparks
  • Cruise liners
  • Semiconductor clean-room
  • Sport stadiums
Low-voltage distribution by EASYS Electronics
Control cabinet with low-voltage distribution von EASYS Electronics