Full systems integration

Our team is ready to handle the given project all the way through its implementation. Our expertise and creativity enable us to effectively address challenges that may arise during the project’s execution. We have the necessary resources and tools to achieve optimal results, and we are committed to delivering high-quality and innovative solutions to you.


Project team 
– works closely with customer,
– reviews customer’s requirements,
– projects risk assessment, FMEA, SWOT POR, OMS, … ,

In manufacturing we offer: 
– lean line production,
– quality and logistic concept preparation
– manufacturing and logistic concept validation,
– production readiness,
– release process,
– continuous improvement PDCA.


Development Support

We provide active cooperation with customer’s product development team as well as support for Design For Manufacturing (DFM). Furthermore, we present suggestions for improvement to customers, together with feedback on design changes.


Manufacturing Engineering

Manufacturing Engineering prepares manufacturing concepts, either single workstations or lean lines, manufacturing documentation, SOEs and test reports, etc. In addition to updating manufacturing documentation, we manage ECR/ECN according to customers’ requests and assist with new product launches.


Supplier management

We have an experienced team ready to support our customers with optimalization, relocation and qualification of supplier base, resulting in a healthy supply chain and cost reduction. We are ready to support frame agreements, safety stock agreements, consignment stock agreements and critical suppliers’ management.


Operative purchasing

Operational purchasers are responsible for processing and issuing purchase orders in the ERP system.

Purchasers use reporting tools, optimize purchasing functions to have items in the correct amount, at the right place, and the best possible price.



For warehousing, EASYS uses ERP system and tools, equipment, barcode scanners, shelves and racks, trained personnel to manage and sort goods, and pick up material to production places. Additionally, specific storage units are made for specific types of products. The services included with warehousing are picking, sorting, packing, and even shipping.